Dan Graham, "Woman In Antwerp Zoo" (2001/2003)

Dan Graham

Woman In Antwerp Zoo (2001/2003)

Before gaining worldwide acclaim as an artist since the seventies, DAN GRAHAM has attracted attention as art-critic, photographer and galerist. In his performances, installations, videos, photo-graphs and architectural works he has achieved groundbreaking crossovers of architecture and sculpture and popular culture with questions of perception as well as with social and psychological relationship-systems. Graham, born 1942 in Urbana/USA and living in New York today, is especially known for his glas pavillons, as for example the "Rooftop Urban Parc Project" (1991) on the roof-top of the Dia Center for the arts in New York, where he visualizes interactions between the spetator and the surroundings.

For Texte zur Kunst, Dan Graham selected a photograph from the oldest zoo in Europe in Antwerp, where as a first-time-visitor he had the idea for his no "classic" glas pavillions. The color photo print with the title "Woman in Antwerp Zoo" (2001/2003) is 30,5 x 45,8 cm and is numbered and signed on the back. It is an edition of 150 + 20 ap’s and costs 245. - euros plus shipping.