Michel Majerus, "Kunstwissenschaftlern In Den Mund Geschoben" (2002/2003)

Michel Majerus

Kunstwissenschaftlern In Den Mund Geschoben (2002/2003)

The painter MICHEL MAJERUS, who tragically died in a plane crash last year, was born in 1967 in Esch/Luxembourg, studied from 1986-1992 at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart and lived in Berlin. His colorful paintings appropriate elements of pop art and abstract expressionism as well as quotations of images familiar of consumer society and pop culture (techno music, advertising, comics, and computer graphics).

For Texte zur Kunst, Michel Majerus made a poster with the title "Kunstwissenschaftlern in den Mund gelegt", (2002/2003). The edition is numbered and stamped with his estate stamp. It measures 60 x 80 cm. It is an edition of 100 + 10 ap's and costs 245.- euros plus shipping.