Edition Thomas Demand

Thomas Demand

Texte zur Kunst (2010)

Thomas Demand, is one of the leading artists of his generation. In his colour photographs he since the early 1990s pursued a specific aesthetics of indifference, based on a conceptual mode of image production: On the basis of press photographs the Berlin-based artist and his team built replica of interiors, public spaces and natural vistas that then are photographed in an objective manner. These consciously static tableaux are bereft of all the details of those images serving as primary sources. And the model made of cardboard, paper and plastic always is destroyed after the shooting. In his artist’s edition (for) „Texte zur Kunst“, 2010, Demand has applied this method to a text-image, in which he takes on the art-critical debate around his recent exhibition at the Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin.

For „Texte zur Kunst“ Thomas Demand has produced an offset print entitled „Texte zur Kunst“, 2010. The signed and numbered work measures 122 × 102 cm and comes in an edition of 100 + 20 APs.