Wade Guyton, "The Tomato Lovers" (2006)

Wade Guyton

The Tomato Lovers (2006)

The New York based artist Wade Guyton, born 1972, is internationally known as one of the key figures of a new generation of young American artists, often deemed "neoformalists". In Europe his first solo show at Hamburger Kunstverein in 2005 gained a great deal of attention and critical acclaim. Guyton presented paintings and drawings (ink jet prints on linen) using a constructivistic repertoire of geometric forms.

For "Texte zur Kunst" Young edition series Wade Guyton designed a photograph with the title "The Tomato Lovers", 2006. The "Young Edition" ist signed und numbered and measures 30,5 x 42 cm. The work is available in an edition of 100 + 20 ap's and costs 245,- EUR plus shipping.