Issue No. 74 / June 2009 "Statements on contemporary art"

Table of contents

    • 90 Preface
    • 92 Alexander Alberro Contemporary art, Publicity, and the legacy of the artistic Avant-Garde
    • 94 Ina Blom In the wake of object fever, art criticism will turn to the poltitics of things
    • 97 WHW / WHAT, HOW & FOR WHOM Yes, Dear friends, I detect in this hall the odour of depression
    • 98 Dieter Roelstraete On the impossibility of theses, and why that is a bad thing
    • 101 Susanne Pfeffer 103 theses on contemporary art
    • 101 Michael Fried Why Anti-Theatricality still matters
    • 103 Dorothea von Hantelmann Reconfiguring the ritual
    • 104 Hito Steyerl Reflex without reflection
    • 105 Christian Höller Enough with impossible theoretical demands!
    • 107 Heike Munder Live in your head: A wish list
    • 109 Alice Creischer, Andreas Siekmann "There are, it seems to him, a thousand bars, and past the thousand bars, no world"
    • 111 Karlheinz Lüdeking Liking critical art is not in itself a sufficient contribution to a better world
    • 114 Walead Beshty Preliminary remarks on the persistence of allegorical critique
  • Bildstrecke

    • 137 Keren Cytter "Crosswords", 2099
  • Rotation

    • 141 Gregor Stemmrich Über "Abstraktion - Kapitalismus - Subjektivität. Zur Wahrheitsfunktion des Werks in der Moderne" von Sebastian Egenhofer
  • Short Waves

  • Besprechungen

    • 121 Against the wall
      On Mathias Poledna and Christopher Williams at the Bonner Kunstverein by Sven Lütticken
    • 167 Innen ist Außen
      Isabelle Graw über Charline von Heyl in der Galerie Capitain/Petzel, Berlin
    • 123 Unclear tendencies
      On Carolee Schneemann at PPOW and Carolina Ntisch Projects Room, New York by Branden W. Joseph
    • 126 No Punchline
      On the reception of Martin Kippenberger's work in the United States by John Miller
    • 184 Body and Soul
      Astrid Wege über Maria Lassnig im Museum Ludwig, Köln
    • 131 Critique and Creativity
      On Dara Birnbaum at the S.M.A.K., Gent by T.J. Demos
    • 193 The big wheel keeps on turning
      Vanessa Joan Müller über Jan Timme in der Galerie Christian Nagel, Köln
    • 134 West(ern) Waste(land)
      On Franz West ath the Baltimore Museum of Art by T'ai Smith
    • 202 "Art from the Heart"
      Manuela Ammer über Ree Morton in der Generali Foundation, Wien
    • 208 In Aspik
      Stefanie Kleefeld über Michaela Eichwald im Neuen Aachener Kunstverein
    • 214 That's really nice. But I don't have to answer your question
      Tanja Widmann über Rachel Harrison in der Galerie Meyer Kainer, Wien
    • 218 Spitze Zacken
      Mirjam Thomann über Richard Wright in der Galerie BQ, Berlin
    • 223 Zeit im Bild
      Rike Frank über Gerard Byrne in der Lisson Gallery, London
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