Katharina Wulff, "Dr. Ruppel" (2001)

Katharina Wulff

Dr. Ruppel (2001)

Katharina Wulff, born in 1968 in Berlin, studied from 1990-1996 at the Berlin Hochschule der Künste with Karl-Horst Hödicke. Her painting is in the area of the figurative which is extremely stylized through forms of ornamentation, which distance the viewer. Her scenes and interiors play with surrealist situations and de-individualized, seemingly aristocratic figures. Her painting resolutely refuses usual notions of representation and narration.

Even though the title of her edition, "Dr. Ruppel," does not immediately hint at this, her edition for Texte zur Kunst refers explicitly to the topic of the current issue. The nine-color silkscreen of elegant female figures, is signed and numbered and available in an edition of 100 + 20 artist's proofs.