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Yngve Holen

Domesticated Lug Nut (2018)

Made for securing luxury wheels to luxury axels, the Range Rover lug nuts used in this edition, are presented here having been “domesticated” as art. To do this, Yngve Holen has fitted each piece with a high-strength magnet – all the better for tacking paper to fridge? Perhaps, but collector beware. In the hand, these nuts feel heavy, powerful even; and indeed, a single piece can warp the directional sensors of everyday electronics.Such acts of displacement and hacking are common in Holen’s practice and high-end industrial and consumer products are too. Yet it is more the vibration between hospitality and hostility that is at the core of Holen’s work. Take, for example, the 2016 work featuring a Porsche Panamera that Holen quartered with diamond-wire, displaying the sections like a brain prepped for the lab; or the state-of-the-art CT body scanner covers he suited in fetishy nylon mesh. The historical avant-gardist play with the readymade seems near – divesting the object of its initial function yet showing how much more meaning these items are capable of producing beyond the operation for which they were conceived. Here, Holen‘s „domesticated lug-nut“ literally attracts even as it plays with registers of physical stability and symbolic desire.

Laser-engraved lug nut magnet, height: 4.3 cm, diameter: 3.2 cm, edition: 60 + 20 A.P., numbered on the lug nut (engraving), signed certificate, € 350.00 plus shipping.