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Jorinde Voigt

Edition Immersive Integral Turn Study II (2019)

For many years, the Berlin-based artist Jorinde Voigt’s work consisted of illustrations of the world around her, rendered with almost mathematical precision; interpreting subjects from everyday situations to music and philosophical writings, she charted what were effectively graphical scores of her life. Contrasting with the prevalence of outside influences informing these delicate notations, her most recent creations bear witness to a reversion (or return) to the inner life. Immersion is a conceptthat – like Voigt’s works – designates both mathematical and visual phenomena, describing the disintegration of the boundaries of a space. Visual experience becomes palpable; the environment blends into the self and vice versa. As one contemplates Voigt’s study, these boundaries fade from view in two respects. The gaze, for one, is absorbed by the deep blue of a nocturnal sky or ocean, leavened by shimmering gold and dynamic currents or waves traced by a flowing gesture as a white line on the blue surface. And then the rings and subtle strokes of color as such blur into each other, immersed in a space in which gravity, it seems, is suspended. Stimulating the viewer’s imagination and reflection, the work may also prove an inspiring score of one’s own life.