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Morris Edition 82

Sarah Morris

Geigy [Clips] (2011)

Since the 90s US-American artist Sarah Morris explores in her films, photographs and paintings the borders between art and design, power and commerce. The abstract patterns of her paintings resemble widespread space-filling structures and can literally be called abstractions - which means they are transformed from “objective” images of reality. In this way power symbols were encrypted and transformed into a colorful high gloss geometric grid. For „Texte zur Kunst” Morris has conceived a C-Print (Cibachrom) which is based on a motif from her new series of paintings entitled „Clips”. The abstract-concrete shapes recall paper clips so that the artist has appropriated conventional forms. The modest structures intertwine into each other and merge into a highly organized texture that has no beginning and end. The title “Geigy” refers to the Swiss chemical company by the same name which has not only set aesthetic standards of the 50s and 60s with its unique Corporate Design but also invented the printing technique of the Cibachrom Morris uses here. The photographic process excels in producing direct positive color enlargements of slides. “Ciba“ is the abbreviation for “Chemische Industrie Basel” that became the official name of the company in 1945, today after several changes it is now called Novartis (the new arts). Therewith, Morris demonstrates on the material side of her edition how art and industry are inextricably linked with each other as well as art and design on the motivic side.

The C-Print by Sarah Morris is entitled „Geigy [Clips]" (2011) and measures 60 x 60 cm. They come in edition of 120 + 20 AP´s and are signed and numbered on the back. The C-Print costs 350,– € plus shipping each.