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Douglas Gordon, „The Revolution must be free!“, 2021

Douglas Gordon

The Revolution must be free! (2021)

The Scottish artist Douglas Gordon is known for his work across media, from film and photography to drawing and installation, often flirting with ideas of collective memory and the fantasy of the autobiographical. For “Texte zur Kunst,” Gordon found a democratic object that represents a dream that many have had at some point in their life: REVOLUTION!This, small, hand-wound music box plays a melody from the anthem, “The Internationale.” The socialist anthem originated as an anarchist libretto in France in the late-19th-century, a period in which the music box enjoyed wide popularity in Europe. Compact and transportable, this little music box’s form meets its content, ready to unite the masses at any moment in solidarity with the workers of the world. Gordon first dreamt of the work over a decade ago in response to an invitation from the Kabinett für Aktuelle Kunst in Bremerhaven. As events evolved in life, however, Gordon has only now, with this edition for “Texte zur Kunst,” realized this work, fulfilling the “democratic impulse” with the idea of free revolution! The edition comes with a tube of glue so that the music box can easily be affixed to any surface: a wall, a doorframe, a window, etc. The edition is realized in tandem with the exhibition, “Douglas Gordon: A Revolution,” at Kabinett für Aktuelle Kunst, Bremerhaven, this year.The edition is available at no cost.