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Christopher Williams

C (2010)

Photography is the centre stage of the artistic production of Christopher Williams who followed Bernd and Hilla Becher as professor at Kunstakademie Düsseldorf in 2008. Williams does not take photographs on his own, but understands the technical aspect as conceptual media and visual deployment which can help analyzing the history and conditions of industrial societies. His ongoing series of exhibitions entitled “For Example: Dix-Huit Leçons Sur La Société Industrielle“ Williams is based on pictures of commodities, modern architecture, optical instruments and portraits. By the objective aesthetic of this body of work Williams creates a typology of photographic manifestations. Furthermore, his presentations refer to the tradition of institutional critique as the reflection on the exhibition space as well as the rhetoric of the hanging is part of his conception all the time. For Texte zur Kunst Christopher Williams has conceived an inkjet printed laconically entitled “C, 2010”. The sheets depict the graphic figure of a gate blocking light which the artist found in a Dutch manual from the early seventies explaining how to build a domestic dark room in four steps. Like his other works this print also shows Williams interest in the photographic medium and its social, ideological and economic implications. Taking a look at the borders of photography the artist examines how the contemporary standards of the order of the visible were set by this technology.

For Texte zur Kunst Christopher Williams has conceived an inkjet print entitled “C, 2010” as it is the third motive in a series of four parts. The pieces measure 27,9 x 35,6 cm each. They are signed and numbered and come in an edition of 100 + 20 APs. They costs 245,- EUR plus shipping each.