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Seth Price

Writing (2009)

The practice of New York based US-American artist Seth Price includes wall pieces, objects and videos. He is best known for his “calendar paintings” – industrially manufactured reliefs made of polystyrene. They show everyday objects, masks and facial features and always carry the date of their production. His new silhouette compositions, displaying basic human activities such as „eating“, „drinking, „writing“ or „touching“, are closely related to these reliefs, the models or sources of which Price finds on the internet. The artist’s interest, however, isn’t restricted to these actions alone, but includes the zones surrounding them; he downloads low-resolution images from the web and has them milled in acrylic and wood as negative forms. For “Texte zur Kunst” Price has conceived a print on dibond closely related to his new silhouette compositions. “Writing”, 2009, shows a person holding a pen to write or sign. The hand of a second person that isn’t depicted in the motif points to where the writing or signature is to be placed. As in all of Price’s silhouette compositions it remains unclear how this scene is to be read, in this case what is being signed or how the (power) relation between these two persons could be adequately described. An artist’s signature in the making? Maybe signing as authorizing an edition? In this sense, this motif reflects the act of writing itself, the production of texts and critical discourse, this work was produced to support.

For Texte zur Kunst Seth Price conceived a UV-cured ink print on Dibond. The work is entitled “Writing”, 2009 and measures 40 x 40 cm. It comes in an edition of 100 + 20 APs and is signed and numbered on the back. It costs 245,- Euro plus shipping.