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September 2015

Current Issue

Issue No. 99
September 2015

Decades following the rise of computer aided design and the aesthetic-theoretical debates that coincided, it might seem late, at this point, to place a spotlight on photography. After all, hardly anyone defends photography’s loyalty to the analog index anymore, or mourns the medium specificities of centuries past. And yet, who can dispute that the photograph has become the primary base for establishing identity now, for cohering a social body; one that, as the substrate across which today’s human subject is drawn, stands as, in a sense, our material support? As the image’s gaze has become omnipresent, it is perhaps prime time to ask how do we now understand photo-media to operate? What information do we expect it to carry? What facts do we trust it to convey?

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4. September 2015

Selling Life to the Nonliving @LILINTERNET on marketing's extreme promises

Arguably, the force of capital is no longer controlled by human hands. Certainly few of us could give real form to its totality. And yet even as its flows grow more abstract, capital's desire to "know" us, to "be there" for us, to "want what's best," appears to be intensifying. Here, @LILINTERNET (see Twitter, considers how marketing protocol is evolving: by turning its focus from selling the things we "need" toward promises of granting us "life's most special moments."

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24. August 2015

Dispersion und Montage Ein Gespräch zwischen Harun Farocki, Georges Didi-Huberman und Ludger Schwarte im Schaulager Basel, 2008

Vor einem Jahr starb völlig überraschend der Regisseur und Autor Harun Farocki. Seine Arbeit war nicht nur eine der wichtigsten Positionen im Kino, der Filmkritik und Filmtheorie, sondern auch im Feld der zeitgenössischen Kunst. In Erinnerung an Harun Farocki publizieren wir hier eine bislang unveröffentlichte Diskussion, die dieser im Jahr 2008 in Basel mit dem Kunsthistoriker Georges Didi-Huberman und dem Philosophen Ludger Schwarte führte. ...

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21. August 2015
Issue No. 98

Social Life

(By Hannah Black)

Via issue #98, Texte zur Kunst has attempted to think through media not just in terms of devices, but also the gestural and social techniques that we develop and modify in tandem. But what is this tacit log of so many digital profiles while, in the streets, actual bodies are physically profiled, locked up, controlled, disappeared, slain? Here, writer and artist Hannah Black reflects on the violences and freedoms that their intersection, at present, generates and accords.

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15. July 2015
Issue No. 6

"Documenta als anachronistisches Ritual"

(By Stefan Germer)

„Man muß heutzutage niemand mehr zensieren, um ihn auszuschalten: es reicht, wenn man ihn nach Kassel einlädt.“ Stefan Germer fand 1992 scharfe Worte für die Documenta, die dieses Jahr ihr 60jähriges Bestehen feiert. Im vorliegenden Text aus Texte zur Kunst Nr. 6, hier erstmals online verfügbar, geht Germer den legitimatorischen Nöten der Kasseler Großausstellung nach. ...

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Artists' Editions

Klara Lidén, „Untitled (gute Laune)“, 2015

8. July 2015

Jack Gross on Ed Lehan at Reena Spaulings Fine Art, New York

Channeling a critique as old as modernism, Ed Lehan, in his recent exhibition "Return to Problem," reframes, for a post-millennial audience, the banality of contemporary lived experience. As writer Jack Gross discusses, Lehan does so with only a few spare elements, including, not least, the sociality of his viewers. ...

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21. May 2015

Not in Proper Terms Annika Bender über Helena Huneke in der Halle für Kunst, Lüneburg

Die Ausstellung zu Helena Huneke funktioniert nicht. Alles ist kaputt, oder vorbei. Ich muss vorweg schicken, dass ich die Lüneburger Retrospektive als Zuspätgekommene besuche. 2005 kam ich nach Hamburg, da verließ Huneke die Stadt gerade Richtung Berlin. Ihrem Werk, wie es vor ihrem Tod erschien, kann ich überhaupt nicht gerecht werden. Und es war ein anderes Werk zu Lebzeiten, keine Frage. ...

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6. May 2015

Art Good, Market Evil? Isabelle Graw on False Polarities and Economic Subtexts

Lately, people have taken to complaining about the expansion of the art market and its allegedly devastating effects on art itself. Offering their diagnoses of the crisis, art’s would-be saviors invariably adopt a self-righteous tone – as though they, personally, are exempt from the market developments they so deplore. The reality, however, is more complicated than what such polarizing rhetoric suggests...

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16. April 2015

Mathieu Malouf on Kim Gordon's "Girl in a Band"

Rock memoirs all tend to have the same plot: heroes begin with dreams of making it as rock stars, get a taste of the big time, go through hell, OD more than once, and eventually find balance, get into yoga or martial arts, become thankful parents, and move to the suburbs. Most are trashy, tabloidistic accounts of tragic excess in a misogynistic, lawless, dying industry where the only moral barometer ...

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