Laurenz Berges, "Löningen" (1993/2003)

Laurenz Berges, born 1966, got his master 1996 from Bernd Becher at the Academy of Arts in Düsseldorf and belongs to the last generation of the famous 'Becher-School'. Since the early 1990s, Laurenz Berges has been focussing on the photographic documenation of abandoned sites and buildings, like, for example, the empty barracs of the Sowjet army in the former GDR. He is interested in rather unspectacular interiors of empty houses, that show traces of that which is no longer present. Important for him are the atmosphere and the formal presentation.

For Texte zur Kunst, Laurenz Berges chose a motif of a small town in Lower Saxony/Germany. The colour photograph (the prints handmade by the artist) with the title "Löningen 1993/2003" has the size: 40,6 x 50,8 cm (motif size: 33 x 42,2 cm) and is signed and numbered at the back. It is an edition of 100 + 10 ap's and it costs EUR 245,- + handling and shipping.

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