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Issue No. 103
September 2016

TZK #103 addresses "poetry," a language form central to the recent shift toward affect in contemporary critical writing. Seeing the “artist-poet” as a vital site for the intersection of politics, affect, and digitality, we consider her voice and her currency from various perspectives, pro and con, across generations, analyzing her rising success, also asking what is gained and lost in this move from "rational" thought to what one feels? Scanning populist poetry, anarchist poetry, post-millennial net-poetry, the poetry of surplus-language and social media, the art historical poetic/poet-turned-object, and shades of fading Poesie, this issue, conceived by the editors with John Kelsey and Isabelle Graw explores how the seeming immediacy of #poetry and the suggestion of a hyper-personal voice correlates with current economic demand to claim visibility.

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